Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I LOOOOVE TEEN VOGUE!!! they've totally captured the look that I'm going for! this is how I want to look like when I'm out and about, with a few tweaking of course. anywhoo! here' some looks from their current fashion ed.
ugh! I'm so all over this look! the leggings, the fur, and the boots are just delish!!!

I love this one too! It's very uhm.. homeless chic?! ahahaha but really, I'm loving it!

ooh! I can totally see myself in this 'lil get up!

and in this one too!

and I have a major crush on this outfit!

ugh! too bad it's not cold here in las islas. but what the hell, even if I'll be sweating buckets coz of all the layering, I'd still wear outfits like these in the streets. knowing that I'm chic, is enough to make sweating feel good. what y'all think? isn't teen vogue the hotness?!

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