Monday, September 17, 2007

Virtual Closet! pt.2 : street wear 1

Let's Play, VIRTUAL CLOSET!!!! yey!!! okay luvvies, here's something I pulled out off my "closet" (my photo folders *sniff*). here's a lil' something somthin' for show, if I were a tralala socialite! walking the streets of fashionable New York. so dearies, put your Imagination hats and let's get it on!

First off, the bag! I'm currently lovin' Marni's balloon baggie! it's big, it's patent and it's fan*fuckin'*tastic!

then, let's add the Tom fords! lovin' these wayfarer type sunnies. sure adds some brownie points, not to mention chaching! on your basic wayfarers noh?

then let's put on the Phillip lim. hotness and slouchy! plus the fabric is doing it for me big time!

of coures the staerk tank dress goes inside the lims, mkay?! hotness sheer material is pure spring perfection while the black makes it great for fall...spring or summer ( in my case ) *wink*.

and thenTopshop! everybody loves Topshop! these short shorties from the high street label I think are just sooo darn cute! what 'yall think? hot noh?

and then the Missoni ribbed leggings ( under the shorts of course ) I think would add chutuzpah to the outfit. after all this is for fall, and we wouldn't want to freeze our chicken legs now do we? okay and now...

we fnish it off with these amazing pair of booties from Marsall ( ooh! we loooove Marsall! )! I think the built in leggings is sheer genius noh?! saves you moolah so you can buy another item ( bejeweld, oversized beret ala moschino ( I'll post a photo on my next post) perhaps?)

and there you have it! an outfit that would make any fall person happy! what'ya think?!

of course this would only work on cold weather, ( unless you're moi! bwahahahaha! ) It wouldn't hurt though if we flexed our lil' cerebral tissues with a lil' bit of play pretend now would it? hahaha

more Virtual closets! next time toodles for now!

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