Sunday, September 16, 2007

OOH! we're loving Urban Outfitters! pt. 1

whew! I was browsing through Urban Outfitters site and I have formed a little shopping list! whoopee! someone bring Urban Outfitters here in wasteland Manila! hahahaha. anyway, forgot to save the name of the brands but I didn't forget to save the prices on these here luvvies! anyway here's a lil' somethin' somethin' from UO! now let's start!

first off, I love these shades! color, chain and all! and the best thing? it's only $5.00 ( P 230.00)!

well?! can I get a whoop whoop!

I'm all about neon this season! c'mon say it with me, COLOR. IS. GOOD. mkay? and these colored neon rubbers will definetly add rainbow brite cheekiness in your drab outfit! price for the rainbow rubbers? $6.00 ( P 276.00). not bad eh?

And now, more sunnies! I love the design on this one! it's priced at $10.00 ( P 460. 00) not bad noh?

OH! and this one is ever so quirky! totally all over the color and the window pane deatil on the temples! it's oh so noveau vintage! and perfect for the spring!

$10.00 ( P 460.00 )

two words! HOT. NESS. ahahahaha!
$14.00 (P 644.00)$15.00 ( P 690.00 )

I love the bolt, but the chain...not really hahaha anyway I also don't like the little "diamond" design on the bolt, but hell! I'll include it anyway!

$ 18.00 ( P 828.00 )

I love the neckerchief! hotness! color , fringe, material and design! love it!

$20 ( P 920.00 )

I love a basic tee! so here's one that I think would be perfect! the neckline is nice and the material seems okay, I also love the fit! $24.00 ( P 1,140.00 )

graphics is hot! fit is nice! colors are awsome! a 'lil snug on the neckline but whatevs! me likey mucho! $28.00 ( P 1,288.00 )

so likin' the minimalistic, vintage-y design on this tee! either I want them big as in big or a 'lil slim. no too snug not too loose. pair 'em with colored ( or with just about any color ) drainpipes, a pair of sneaks and brightly colored sunnies and you're all set! $28.00 (P 1,288.00 )

Oh, did I forget to tell you?! I also love yellow! this watch will so cure my yellow obssessions
I think they're really pretty! $38.00 ( P 1,748.00 )

Nike! are these dunk highs? I'm not sure, but they sure look nice! totally flippin over the color! get me these and I'll do whatever you want! hahahaha! $85.00 ( P 3,910.00 ) cheap!

I'm Lovin' white shoes! and I'm lovin' high cut sneaks, so I guess this came as a no surprise pick eh? it's oh so virginal! so pure, so white ahahahahaha charing! $100.00 ( P 4,600.00 )

high cut, check! black and white, check, love it,CHECK! $120.00 ( P 5,520.00 )

here's a pair that I think is from Addidas, I love high cut sneaks! I dunno why but I love 'em. the design helps too! $124 ( P 5704.00 )

ooh! green! I love green and I love it on this watch! i think it's perfect for sports and gym! and for those hot, sweaty summer days. I don't know how to tell time on them though but it makes for good arm candy right? $135.00 ( P 6,210.00 )

ooh la la a perfect marriage of a brogue and a sneaker! loves it! these would be utterly chic when paired with city shorts, a cardi, a button down ( inside the cardi of course) and a panama hat. can you say spring homme? $180.00 ( P 8,280.00 ) a lil' pricey for the average pinoy joe but, hell! let's all put up a front and pretend we're not average *wink* eh?!

these Vans I like, and it's only $55.00 ( P 2,530.00 )

and thus end part 1 of my U.O. obssession! wait for part 2 and possibly a part 3! 'mmmkay?!

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