Saturday, September 15, 2007

Must buy: Red hamsa bracelet from kitson!

MUST. HAVE. BRACELET. gaaaaad! I'm obssessed with red string bracelets! especially these ones! probably because red string bracelets are associated 'bout kabbalah and ANA. hmmm, let me think, I'm not that into Kabbalah sooo....ahahhahaha! anywhoo! these ones from One of a Kind is a personal favorite of media and papparazzi darling miss Nicole Richie, catch? she had bad press( at least from the anti-ana chub chasers ) for wearin 'em. they said she's a proud anorexic and stuff for wearing it, but hey we don't know that, though miss Richie has been one of my super thinspo along with miss Mary kate. anywhoo back to the topic! I just have to have it! I swear to god! when Jayne goes back to LA this October I'm gonna beg her to buy me one, or two or three! ahahahaha! price for this luvvy is a mere $39.00 (P 1,794.00), (though a little expensive for a string and a piece of metal, but hey, anything that keeps me goin' right? remember go for 23! hahahahaha)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am just wondering if you are aware of a new fad among girls that will replace soon anorexia called 'FTM transition". There is an interesting article comparing FTM transition and ED here

Can you tell us what you think about it ?

Thank you :)