Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet! 'lil miss sass!

Okay dearies! time for another game of make believe! haha the difference on this one though is that, I don't have ME on mind, but a friend of mine. you know who you are betch! ahahahaha. I dunno but I envision her in an outfit similar as this one! hay nako bakla! kelangan na natin makahanap ng D.O.M. hahahahaha. anywhoo! I just wanna unleash my inner Rachel Zoe. I swear to God! I'm gonna be as famous as her and as rich as that raisin faced skeletor! hahahahaha anywhoo! we're all about love here! and we love Rachel zoe. blaaah! okay, back to the outfit!
as usual, let's all satrt with the bag. and who wouldn't go down on their garandfathers with this baggie! A croco Birkin from the house of Hermes. and mind you dearies, this isn't any 'ol croco birkin. If you look closer, you'll see that the buckle and the padlock is covered in diamonds. yup yup! ba ba bling!!! the price on this baby though is too obscene for words. but what the heck! what's $120,000 ayt?! ahahahaha anyway, sunnies. sunnies will and sunnies do make an outfit special. I dunno, but a good pair of sunnies always adds the right amount of oomph in an outfit. and these ones from Ksubi ( although plain) is perfect for my 'lil ensemble.
and now the top! a simple white tee would do. like this one from James Perse, the lightness of the fabric and the simplicity would balance a tougher bottom or accessory. and I know for a fact that 'lil miss thang appreciates the beauty of minimalism and simplicity. don't underestimate the power of a white tee y'all. paired with other fabulousities, you'd see that this simple top is not just for bed and for layering.

ooh! here y'all is an amazing skirt from Msr. Alessandro Dell'Acqua. and Miss thang LOOVES PENCIL SKIRTS! and this I think would suit her 'lil pettite, lithe body.

and the finisher, is this gorgeous peep toe pumps from Guissepe Zannotti. Loves it! It's classic and timeless in black!

soooooo what y'all think?! puhretty?!
c'mon show me some love! hahahaha

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macci said...

i love you geno! your the best! I LLUURVE IT!!!!

must get rich!