Monday, September 17, 2007

Snejana is turning into a whale!

What the hell happened to Snejana Onopka?! did they force feed her or something?! former thinspo has gone down fat lane,! maybe her agency's trying to get her to walk for Victoria's Secret?! hmmm. oh snejana! please go back to eating cracker and smoking crack! no one wants to see those horrendous rolls of blubber fat! eew! well, here's a trip down memory lane. when miss Onopka ruled the catwalk!

struttin' her stuff for the Fendi's spring 2007

and her fashion shoot with Monsieur Meisel.

where or where did the bones and angles go?!


and now... fatness gallery!

Ugh! she's almost unrecognizable! SO. CHUBBY.!

LOOK AT THOSE CHUNKY CHHEKS! EEW! could she be bringing "sexy" back?!

wake up sweetie! "sexy" doesn't work for Fashion!



macci said...

yuppy yup yup. she did grow vair vair fat!

geno said...

gross eh?! whoever told her that fat is allthat should bu burned, killed and fed to the chubs! hahahaha!