Thursday, September 20, 2007


Mmmmkay ladies! put those funny hats on and let's play celeb what ifs! I found this from and had a blast!
here's Pamela Anderson if she were a grade school teacher in middle america! fun eh?! fat obese chunky mama! ahahahahaha
ever wonder how the twins would look like if they gained gazzilion pounds?! well tada! here theuy are gigantor and miss blubber puff!!! ahahaha

Ncky Hilton, sweet nicky... here she is y'all if she were to eat all those twinkies and barbecues in rural America! hot diggty miss hilton!

"would you like a side order of nahos on that?" J.ho?! ahahahaha

La lo. if she were a pudgy teenage american who just joined weight watchers! aw! look at that serving! careful now! ahahahaha

and miss Jolie, here's what she'd probably look like if she were really just a plain 'ol Jane
fat and crispy! ahahaha

Dina Lohan as a midget! fun fun! ahahahahaha

Mr. hottie Johnny depp, ahahaha but in this photo, nah! we'll skip the hottie part! can you Imagine him serving chalupa with beannie Burritos in Mexicali or a run down taco bell?! ahahhaha priceless!

AW! Howdy y'all! here comes missy Ashley simpson! only thing missin' is her god damn horsie! ahahaha!

And of course miss Jen Aniston, no words! as in no words! ahahahaha!

and now, miss skin, bones, tan and tits herself. POSH! ahahahaha queen latifah is thatchu?! ahahahaha! damn! who's yo baby mama?!

hay! the wonders of technology! ain't it great! ahahahahaha! priceless
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geno said...

I know! makes you wanna puke eh?! anyway! Dina Lohan makes everyone gag so midget or no midget you'd still feel the need to gag! ahahahahaha.