Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Virtual Closet: yet again! ahahaha!

m'kay let's play dress up! yey!!! today I'm feeling a wee bit rocker-ish! and so black will be my color for the day! uh duh?! ahahahaha anywhoo here's my pick!

let's start off with the bag! I love Chloe's betty bag, this one's in small but, I'd rather have it in large. but what the hey right?! It's still gorgeous! haha
and then the sunnies! fag alway has to have her sunnies! everyone who knows me knows for a fact that I always carry sunnies in my bag! three at the least! hahahaha anyway this pair from ksubi is sooooo gorgeous! I'm loving 'em to death! ahahaha and the wayfarer ish type frame adds abit of an edge to any outfit!

and know Henry Vibskov! I love, love , love this scarf from Mr. Vibskov! the print and color is just soo me! hahaha anywhoo! I really want to find a scarf or a neckerchief that has the same print as this one, but I can't seem to find one here in the metro. hay! someone please tell me where I can find something like this m'kay?! c'mon baby help a fag out! ahahhaha
and now, the top! thhis one from Hamish Morrow is totally what I'm feeling right now. actually I saw this in my "closet" and this is the reason why I'm suddenly feeling a bit rocker-ish! don't y'all just love the assymetrical details on the shirt!? delish eh?!

and of course, the skinnies. this one is from Ksubi. I love 'em! they have the same high waist as my Cheap Mondays! ahahaha

and then we finish it off with what else?! the shoes. and these ones from Guissepe Zanotti, I think would be the perfect shoes for my outfit.

and there you have it! a outfit for the day! tell what y'all think m'kay?!

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