Friday, September 14, 2007

I need new skinnies!

I need a new spankin' pair of skinnies! I've been wearing my pair of cheap modays to death! and it doesn't fit that right anymore.*groan* ugh! so here's a little list of what I'm eyeing on, and maybe, just maybe if I'd be a good boy (girl) my dear sweet mama or papa would buy it for me! teehee!

here's a pair from Rock & Republic, and at $224 boy! I'd better start doing good in class! haha
I love the raw denim, without streaks bleach and shit. it's such a classic, you know you'll get mileage from this, not to mention mileage on the legs! can you say bambi legs?
ooh! lovin' this pair from Acne! we love acne! the swedes really do skinnies better! heck they were already wearing it eons ago before the skinny trend rocked the rest of the fashion capitals!

Haider Ackermann! ugh! skinny skinny skinny!!! I'm in love with this pair! how's about a voluminous top, hardcore hardware bling, this baby right here, and finish it off with a pair of Balenciaga strappy metal sandals the ones the olsens are sporting. nice eh? hefty price tag though, 1,056 euros! whoo baby! life is sooo cruel! I think I'll have to settle with leather leggings!

Dolce & Gabbana. 323 euros. hay, not really that crazy bout it but I kinda like the semi high waist, and the raw denim.

Dior homme! ooh! this I f*ckin' lurve!!! the wet look is sooo hot! can I get a hoot! hoot!
this pair will set you back a cool 291 Euros, anyway, wish I could have it two sizes smaller. though the loose skinny also works! (right Macci?)

Derercuny! skinny leather in a shade that rocks! wish it was a little longer though, I would totally wear this with a slightly loose cotton tee, from Helmut Lang perhaps? white wayfarers, and a pair of Chloe's platforms or Pierre Hardy's , though leather in this horrid humid weather would only score you scornful looks from the chakas and the chorvas of unfashionable Manila. but to hell with it! I wore a tweed coat in the middle of a heat wave once! and I fuckin' love every minute of it!hahahaha.

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