Saturday, September 15, 2007

V mag! and miss Agy's fashion ed.!

V mag is hotness! we LURVE V magazine and their current issue is out now(I don't know where you can get your Vs here in the metro but... hey there's always the net! ) with papa hotness Brad on the cover! mmmm! yummy! I'm not a Pitt fanatic, but he's gorgeous on the cover! grrrowl! anywhoo chicas! we love miss agy, and her editorial in this issue makes us love her even more! I think she's fall's poster girl! her edge makes her unique and we all love being different right? anyway here are some photos from V's current fash ed. feauturing agy in all of fall's immaculate layers.

Love the Jacket Ricardo Tisci did for Givenchy (left). and of course Balenciaga's collection was the coup de grace and the toast of fashion town (right).

agy in an outfit ( left) that resembles another outfit ( the Galliano bit) that she wore in US Vogue's september issue (Sienna M. cover) fashion ed. along with the other greats like Sasha, Coco, Caroline T. and Gemma. ooh and the pose is also reminiscent of the one she did inVogue. OOOOH! love her on the photo on the right.

the outfit on the left is soo Galliano noh? masculine chic! perfect for Agyness. and I also love the headpiece on the right and the bangles!

and there you have it! what can you say? Yahoo or booboo?!

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