Sunday, September 30, 2007

Virtual Closet! Miss Turtle!

here's one for miss Turtle! miss "girly-girl-color-a -gaga" betch! hahaha anywhoo! color is minimal in this outfit, a 'lil more grown up than her usual quirky rainbow brite ensembles. sort of my idea of miss turtle post college! so here we go! as usual the bag first!...
and here we have the VBH maila in golden croco leather! lovely noh?! anywhoo... this was once included in Time's most covetable things of 200(?) whatevs! ahahahaha I forgot! so we likey likey!
and then Kenneth Jay Lane! I love it! the strawberry pendant still gives that youthful vibe ( albeit a 'lil last season ) which we love!
and now a fierce dress from Jay Ahr. I love the bubble-ish volume on the hem of this dress! makes you look like you have drinking straws for legs! hahahaha not that miss turtle needs it! ahahaha anywhoo we love this dress noo?!

and finally, the shoes! this pair here is from Olivia Morris. we love it! the ribbon detail is girly, but not " in your face " girly. and we love gold. it would work for winter ( as if! hahaha ), spring, summer, and fall.

and there you have it! miss Turtle post college! what'ya think?! love me love me betch! hahaha

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! ang gold-ish!! luv yah geno! -turtle