Friday, September 14, 2007

Look of the Day!

I'm in love with miss agy! I think she's just so damn full of it, it makes me want to go hetero! hahhahaha, well if ever I would be straight (eew! God forbid!) I want her to bear my children! hahahaha. I mean,this girl has "IT", style, beauty, charm, energy (which seems to be lacking in most models, because they don't eat, hahahahaha) and humor! I just love her to death! and I want her hair! that's what got her the attention anyway! I just had a haircut, and I had her in mind, but my hairstylist didn't know who she was and just went on with whatever, so to cut it short (pun intended) it was a mega hair disaster! my hair was far from miss deyn's by an inch or two! my god I wanted to cry! hay! and I fuckin' spent a fortune on that haircut! anyway, better start using that horse shampoo shit and pray for the best! hhhhaaaaay buhay!

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